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Hello,  My name is Val ( bulldog val ) is what most call me. I have been breeding for a long time (15YEARS+). I create beautiful and healthy puppies. we are muti-family breeder located here in OK and WA Once you own a bulldog you will always own a bulldog, If you have already owned one, then you get it. I see alot of sites out there and as a potential owner you need to weed through it all....Well let me save you time and just contact me.. I promise nothing but an awesome experience ... One bulldog owner to another :)



I was born  in Seattle WA, This is why I offer delivery service  free to the OK AR and WA

If you do decide to Purchase a puppy from me , You will always have me for any questions or help.

Trust your breeder. I can save you energy and time if you're worried about something.

Remember ANYONE can make you a puppy"  so don't look at the price tag "YOU must look at the breeder.

My goal is to save you from heartache / vet bills / regret .... I only sell beautiful healthy bulldogs and I guarantee it .


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